Satellite Radio Providers

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As the world progresses further into the 21st century, technology is developing and changing to better suit the needs of its users. As the radio is a source of entertainment enjoyed by many people all over the world, it is no wonder that we have improved its ability to reach more people in different places.

Leaving the old dial and antennae radios behind, satellite radio broadens the scope of what music people have access to and where. Because of the innovation of satellite radio and satellite radio providers, music, news and sports can now be shared by those in a wider geographical range than is reached by standard dial radio.

National and International Satellite Radio

The United States and Canada have two satellite radio providers: XM and Sirius. Similar to cable companies, satellite providers charge for their services.

XM Radio offers 73 music channels, as well as various news, sports, talk, traffic and weather channels. XM satellite radio listeners certainly get what they pay for.

Sirius radio hosts 69 music channels and 65 channels of sports, news and entertainment. It also features 24-hour broadcasting with zero commercials or censoring.

On the international scene is WorldSpace Radio, the first satellite radio service provider in existence. WorldSpace Radio provides music, news, sports and educational programming to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe. Having program directors and radio jockeys operating from places like Bangalore, India, and Nairobi, Kenya, WorldSpace Radio has created 18 original music and lifestyle channels spanning the globe.

Satellite Radio at Home

Although the radio may be something commonly listened to in the car, satellite radio can also be conveniently listened to right in your home. Various satellite radio service providers focus mainly on providing television channels that play satellite radio.

Direct TV satellite radio providers feature music channels streaming satellite radio. Found within the United States, Direct TV has specific channels dedicated to Sirius XM Radio, playing musical genres varying from jazz to country to Christian rock to reggae.